Brilliante Strings performs as a string quartet, string trio and string duo. Each ensemble has its own sound and repertoire. We're happy to help you choose the group that would best complement the atmosphere you are looking to create.

When choosing a group, two main things to consider are the number of expected guests, and the pieces you want played. You can find audio samples of all the ensembles here. Below is a brief description of each ensemble.

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String Quartet

Two Violins, Viola and Cello

The string quartet is a standard chamber ensemble, and great composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn wrote extensively for this ensemble. A quartet will often perform in a concert hall, in a church or home, or at a catering venue. It is a large chamber group, so the sound is quite full and lush. The first violin usually carries the melody, the second violin closely supports the first violin, viola supports harmonic movement and the cello plays the bass line figures.

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String Trio

Two Violins and Cello, or Violin, Viola and Cello

Our most popular ensemble, the string trio, is flexible in instrumentation. The middle, accompanying line, can be played by the second violin or viola, supporting the melody and harmony played by the violin and cello. The sound is slightly less full than the quartet, but retains a lush blended string sound.

If you are interested in a pop-heavy performance, we suggest this ensemble or the string quartet. Our repertoire for this group includes standard works, traditional wedding selections and many pop tune arrangements.

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String Duo

Violin and Cello

There are many string duos in the standard literature—Beethoven Duos, Bach Inventions, Haydn Duos, for example. The duo also performs almost all of the standard selections. The two voices feature the melody and the bass line, and the ensemble provides more than enough sound to fill a church. The duo can be the perfect group for an intimate cocktail hour.

The string duo can perform standard works, traditional wedding selections and select  pop tune arrangements.